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The British Undergraduate Ophthalmology Society was established in 2010 with support from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. The society has evolved over the years and has generated interest amongst students and doctors alike, in the UK and overseas.

Across the British medical schools, exposure to ophthalmology is limited with many providing a mere 5 days dedicated to teaching in the field. For students hoping to purse ophthalmology as a career this does not suffice in making such an important decision. It is also important for students aiming to pursue other specialties to have some basic understanding to allow them to deal with an ophthalmic condition. The society was set up to address this by providing events, and via educational material on our website and journal.

Our Aims

Medical Education

To provide educational resources for students, doctors and allied healthcare professionals with an interest in ophthalmology.


Allow attendees to gain an insight into the speciality; learn and practice specialist ophthalmic skills with expert help.


BUJO is a platform for students and junior doctors to publish their work and gain valuable academic skills. Our official journal is a peer-reviewed, open access publication.

Careers Advice

Seek advice on pursuing a career in ophthalmology.


Meet like minded-people and those intimately involved in the specialty.

Our Team

Dr Farihah Tariq

Dr Mohsan Malik

Dr Aneeta Kumar

Dr Shamus Butt

Dr Ameeta Kumar

Ashwin Venkatesh

David McMaster


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