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Mission Statement

Across the British medical schools, medical students typically spend 5 days of their undergraduate curriculum dedicated to ophthalmology. For a minority, this sparks an interest despite having limited opportunities to explore the subject further. Clearly, this does not suffice in nurturing their interest and developing a curriculum vitae in a career specific manner.

For the majority of student, there is a perceived lack of importance of the subject. This most likely stems from the minimal amount of time spent on ophthalmology teaching and that it makes up a small proportion of final examinations. Appreciating the eye as a crucial window for diagnosis is important, since all doctors will certainly encounter ophthalmic complaints regardless of fields or specialties. A majority of medical students demonstrate aspirations to enter primary health care, where many general practitioners have voiced concerns over limited basic ophthalmic knowledge and inadequate opportunities to gain further experience. Concerns of a similar nature are professed by junior doctors; who undertake a high proportion of consultations which are ophthalmic in nature whilst working in the accident and emergency (A&E) department. Therefore, empowering non-specialists with basic knowledge of ophthalmology could potentially allow eye complaints to be treated in the community or an A&E department, thereby helping to reduce the workload for the specialists, whilst allowing them to address the more serious ocular pathologies.

To addresses these gaps, the British Undergraduate Ophthalmology Society was set up in 2010 by Farihah Tariq and Vikas Tah with support from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.


Our Aims

The fundamentals of the society are to provide enhanced exposure and gain a better insight into the speciality not only to prospective trainees, but also to those interested in other fields through educational resources on the society website, journal and events. The society also aims to provide a forum to develop networks and meet those intimately involved in the speciality and get advice on pursuing a career in ophthalmology.

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